Anastasios Bounas

Post-doc researcher | Principal investigator

Tasos’s research interests lie in the field of evolutionary biology with emphasis in bird migration and the underlying mechanisms that shape the genetic structure of bird populations.

Christos Barboutis

Post-doc researcher

Christos’s research interests are within ornithology with a focus on bird migration and especially on stopover ecology. He is interested in the ecological and ethological aspects determining stopover strategies that birds undertake on stopover sites.

Chrysoula Komini

Post-doc researcher

Chrysa’s research interests lie in the areas of molecular biology and biochemistry. She investigates the regulation of gene expression and metabolism through the identification of the responsible underlying molecular mechanisms.

Christina Kassara

Post-doc researcher


Christina is specialized in animal movement ecology and species distribution modelling. Her research interests focus on conservation biology in terrestrial ecosystems.



Constantinos Konidaris

Specialized technical laboratory staff

Constantinos is experienced in many basic protein techniques, as well as standard molecular biology techniques. His research activities are focus in biology, immunology and biochemistry.